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What is is a site set up dedicated to helping those who wish to become successful at Barn Buddy do so. At the time of publishing the Barn Wars application has over 6,700,000 users on FaceBook so we assume a fair amount of them would like to cheat. Just before we continue, we have no affiliation what so ever with FaceBook or Barn Buddy and are a completely seperate entity.

Barn Buddy is a game similar to the Zynga Inc game, Farmville now the most popular game on FaceBook with over 60,000,000 users worldwide. Players must run and operate their own virtual barn by growing and harvesting crops, sell their harvests to buy more seeds and eventually build a bigger barn with much more power. Players do have the option to set themselves on the fast track by purchasing in game credits which are sold by the developers of the game application. These credits are a virtual currency along with coins which allow players to make their selected purchases.

Why cheat at Barn Buddy?

Well, it really isn't cheating. As with any game, especially online, there are always things, secrets actually that give you and edge on everyone else. That is where comes in to play.

What cheats do we teach you?

You get up to date information and links to videos that have the latest and greatest tricks for Barn Buddy. We try and update this every few days. You will not be left out of the loop with anything new that is available.

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